Myofascial Release & Back Pain

When traveling to Sarasota, you may want to take advantage of some of the specialized massage therapists that are there. There seems to be more available there than in most cities of that size.


Some people usually experience sprains, strains, or spasms, which are brought about as a result of incorrect bending, lifting, standing, sitting and twisting. Depending on the situation, pain may occur immediately or after sometime. Your posture has also been slowly collapsing into a spiral you have been in since birth.

Do you have back pain? If yes, then Myofascial release could be your ultimate solution. Especially if you find a therapist that has been trained to administer specific protocols for different areas of the body. There are a few in Sarasota but, what is Myofascial release? Well, it is a type of massage therapy that incorporates massaging soft tissues of the body with the sole purpose of treating clients. In order to understand how this treatment works, you need to know something about fascia. Fascia is a thin layer of tissues, and it covers every important organ in the body. Basically, when you injure a muscle, the fascia becomes tight, thus resulting in pain. Myofascial release could very well relieve you of the pain. If it is integrated with cranial structural techniques it is even more beneficial. You can watch this video to see how.

Bulged disks can also result in back pain. But, what makes a disk bulge out? Well, a common result is exerting too much pressure on a spinal nerve. Back pains can also be caused by the tear and wear of osteoarthritis. As a person ages, disks narrow and as a result, vertebrae may have bony growths. The pain and stiffness experienced at the back is as a result of bony growths rubbing together. But as you see in the video myofascial release protocols integrated with cranial work seems to be an effective option.
Emotional tension and stress may also cause muscles to tense. And when this happens, it increases muscles or pain spasms. Worse still, it may worsen existing symptoms.

While you are in Sarasota, in the event you want to get treatment sessions from a high quality therapist that will help get rid of lower or upper back pain, check out Dennis Lutz at The Therapeutic Bodyworker,  he can be found online and can treat you where you are staying or in an establishment in Sarasota. Whether you need to relieve stress, improve blood circulation or merely want to be relaxed, massage is the way to go by. Admittedly, however, many people consider massage a form of relaxation that does not have any health benefits. Far from it! Today, massage is being used widely to cure different types of ailments. And since there are many types of massage, you can be sure at least one will be beneficial to you.

In case you are under medication, do not avoid medication just because massage can be used to treats ailments. It is prudent to let your doctor know that you are using massage so that he or she can advise you accordingly.  Many times there are contraindication for different  drugs, especially blood thinners. Massage has been proved to be helpful for anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, sport injuries, insomnia, joint pains and soft tissue injuries.

If you need to relieve back pain, Myofascial release and cranial structural is your ultimate massage choice. Its main aim is to loosen and stretch the fascia such that motion is restored, then bring your body out of the spiral, improving your posture. Although you can perform Myofascial release on your own, it is highly recommended that you let a trained massage therapists do it for you. Qualified therapists are available in Sarasota.